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Mission Statements for Solar Committee Sub-Committees

Finance: It is the mission of the Finance Committee to provide funding resource information and to research loan options, grant options, lease options and other cost effective ways to finance solar applications to all those who wish to utilize solar photovoltaic energy in their homes or businesses and make it affordable for all to take advantage of this renewable energy technology.
Education/Policy: It is in the mission of the Education Committee to encourage local and regional colleges and high schools to provide students with instruction that will make the workforce ready in the area of renewable energy installations. To educate the community on issues of energy conservation and renewable energy sources. To educate the community on how the KCEC solar energy program can assist homeowners and businesses to install their own solar system, reducing grid consumption and reducing carbon footprint.
Technical: It is the mission of the Technology Committee to explore advanced solar technology available in the markets today that applies to roof top, solar array, distributive generation, interconnection and net metering applications. Disclose proven research technology of how these applications work in conjunction with traditional grid power.
Work Force: It is the mission of the Work Force Committee to explore job creation and economic development opportunities in the field of installation, repair, manufacturing, maintenance, marketing, training, delivery and construction of solar applications.
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